Monthly Reports

    Jeffs Canal
    Seely Collard Pipeline
    Power Diversion Intake A & B
    Cleveland Canal
    Cleveland Pipeline
    Huntington Canal
    North Ditch
    Canal 826
    Huntington North Feeder Canal
    Canal 719
    Huntington North Reservoir
    End of Huntington Canal
    Huntington North Reservoir Drain
    Huntington North Meter
    Mohrland Pipe Line
    Mohrland Pipe Line 2021

    Adobe Reservoir
    Joe’s Valley Reservoir
    Black Canyon Canal
    Lowry Creek
    Seely Creek
    Swasey ByPass Canal
    Cottonwood Creek and Huntington Canal
    Cottonwood Creek below Joes Valley Reservoir

    Lower Mammoth Reservoir Meter
    Peacock Pond
    Johnson Ditch
    Swasey Ditch
    West Canal

    Millsite Vault
    Castle Valley SSD 12inch
    Castle Valley SSD 24 inch
    South Ditch
    North Ditch
    Molen Ditch
    Behling Pond
    Molen Pond
    Ferron Creek Lower
    Clawson Diversion

    Cottonwood Steel Pipeline
    Millsite Pipeline
    Cottonwood Fiberglass Pipeline

    Emery Canal
    Moore Diversion

  Upper Huntington Drainage Reservoirs
    Cleveland Reservoir
    Cleveland Reservoir Outflow
    Huntington Reservoir
    Millerflat Reservoir
    Millerflat Reservoir Outflow
    Electric Lake
    Electric Lake Outflow
    Rolfson Reservoir
    Rolfson Outflow
    Huntington North Intake
    Huntington Res Outflow
    Huntington North Reservoir